Our attractions are different than a standard haunted house. Our attractions are  an immersive, interactive, theatrical performance combined in a haunted house, with the goal to entertain audiences as well as scare them. Story is important to us, and each of our attractions is built upon that foundation.

Our attractions are designed to have groups of 6-8 people at a time. You’ll have a tour guide with you the entire time.

Nevermoor: The 5th Realm has 3 haunted attractions, each about 12-15 minutes long.

Tickets are $25/person and include admission to all of our haunted attractions.

We’re located in the Lindale Mall, right inside the 1st Avenue entrance.


You’ve been invited over to a neighborhood bbq in 1950’s suburbia, but something about your hosts isn’t quite right. When a fellow guest pulls you aside, you start to wonder what exactly is going on.


When you accidentally end up in the basement of the Slidell Psychiatric Institute, you discover a dark secret about the tests Dr. Richman has been conducting hidden in the depths of the facility.

During WWII, the government commissioned a top secret mission called “Project Nemo”. The ship went missing, and has recently reappeared. While the ship is being towed back, the contents of the ship have been airlifted back to the base. What they found remains a mystery, but something from the depths has been awakened.