Can I buy tickets when I get there?
Yes, general admission tickets can be purchased on site, however all timed entry tickets need to be purchased online in advance. Tickets purchased on site may be limited and will be subject to longer wait times than tickets purchased online. PLEASE NOTE: ON SITE TICKET SALES WILL END 30 MINUTES BEFORE CLOSING EACH NIGHT.

Are you indoors?
Yes! We are located inside Lindale Mall and our attraction hours do not change based on weather.

Is The 5th Realm accessible?
Yes, we want everyone to be able to experience our show and follow ADA guidelines to allow for an inclusive experience. Please note: strobe lights and fog effects are used throughout our show.

Can the actors touch me? Can I touch them?
No. All actors will maintain a safe distance while scaring and we ask that you do the same.

Can I take photos/video in the haunted house?
No. Photos and video are allowed in our queue area, but absolutely no photography or video is allowed while going through our attractions. If you are taking photos/videos in the attractions, you will be asked to leave without a refund.

Can I bring snacks/drinks with me to the haunt?
Absolutely no food or drink is allowed in the venue, including water bottles.

Is there an age limit?
We believe parents/guardians know best what your child can handle, so we do not set an age limit. We typically recommend our attraction for ages 10 & up, but please use your best judgment. Please note: Refunds will not be given for those who do not make it all the way through or decide they are too scared to enter once arriving.

How long does it take to go through?
The time you spend in the haunts is largely dependent on how fast you walk. Most groups spend about 15-20 minutes in our haunt, but we do our best to keep you entertained while you wait to enter!

How many people can come?
We allow groups of up to 6 people in at a time. If your group is larger, you will be split up.

If you're group is smaller than 6, we do our best to not pair you with another group, however at peak times you may be grouped with others to ensure that everyone can experience the haunt with as little wait time as possible.

Do you use strobe lights and fog?
Yes, we use both strobe lights and fog throughout our attraction. If you have an underlying condition that could be affected by this, we recommend contacting your physician before attending.

What happens if I get too scared once I’m in the haunt and want to leave?
Remain calm and notify the nearest actor that you need to leave to be escorted out. Please note: A refund will NOT be given if you’re unable to make it all the way through.

Is it scary?
Yes! We work hard to make our show entertaining and scary for everyone.

Can I work at The 5th Realm?
If you’re interested in working with us, please visit our join us page!