Vampires have taken over the asylum!

Long ago, famed vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing imprisoned the Master, Vlad Draculea in the 5th Realm. His faithful servant, the lunatic Renfield, learned the ancient spell that banished Vlad and has released him into the asylum.  

Combining even more interactivity than our main Halloween show, BLOODLUST puts you right into the action! As you work your way through the asylum walls, be careful not to awaken the sleeping vampires within.You will have to learn the incantion, find the Master's nest, and banish him back to the 5th Realm. And remember,



Scare with Us

We're always hunting for new monsters! We love working with new team members who are passionate about Halloween and providing a scary fun experience to our patrons! Whether you’ve worked at a haunted house before or are looking for an exciting new experience, we’d love to hear from you. CONTACT US

The portal to The 5th Realm has Reopened

This Fall, the Portal reopens, telling a new tale of the horrors behind opening the Portal between this Realm and the 5th Realm.

Dr. Quint, the madman behind Cedar Hills Sanatorium, has devoted his life to finding the secret to opening the portal to the 5th Realm. 5 patients: Brooks, Wendy, Clay, Celeste, and Flint. Each one representing one of the 5 Realms. He's convinced the Amber Shard Dagger, found in an old wagon lost to time, is a key to opening the portal to the 5th Realm.


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