Cedar Hills Sanitorium was established in Linn County in 1922 as the county’s only inpatient psychiatric facility, shrouded in mystery and corruption. From a string of serial murders in the surrounding townships to the disappearances of numerous patients and their family members, questions about the true intentions of those running Cedar Hills have gone unanswered. 

Whispers have been circulating about the haunting of the former St. Jude’s Children’s Ward and rumblings of unexplained occurrences run rampant. The use of patients as subjects in a set of grisly tests by Sanitorium doctors has been a topic of discussion after the discovery of mutilated corpses in nearby fields. Employees won’t speak to papers and the Sanitorium grounds are closed to press. So what exactly is Cedar Hills hiding?

After being transported to a Cedar Hills of the past, brace yourself for revelations of the truth behind what’s happening. It’s impossible to know if The 5th Realm sent you to this time and place for a purpose or if you stumbled into a story much bigger, and more perilous, than you intended. You must fight for your survival while roaming the halls of Cedar Hills, find a portal to escape this nightmare – and return home alive.

Do your research. For more information about Cedar Hills Sanitorium and The 5th Realm, browse our private archive – a collection of documents obtained to uncover the truth about their connection.


Eastern Iowa Herald - March 14, 1920

Eastern Iowa Herald - March 14, 1920


Eastern Iowa Herald - May 8, 1922


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