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“Krampusnacht: Christmas is Fear”
A Bone Chilling Holiday Experience

This winter, for the first time, Krampus has been unleashed from a portal to The 5th Realm. It’s Christmas, but where are all the children? The town of Cedar Hills children have been disappearing. Rumors swirl that they were seen sledding up on the hill next to Dr. Quint’s Sanatorium.

Combining even more interactivity than our main Halloween show, Krampusnacht: Christmas is Fear will have you thrown right into the action, and it will be up to you to save Christmas! Experience the 5th Realm like never before, with a new story, new creatures, and an epic showdown with Mr. Mean Christmas himself…Krampus!



The beast has been tamed in this kid friendly version of our attraction. In keeping with traditions, you’ll be encouraged to sing a song, do a dance, or tell a joke as you encounter Krampus’s minions in this “lights on” tour. Convince them you’ve been good this year and the jovial little imps will reward you with candies and applause. Fail to impress Krampus’s minions and your reward will be ridicule and black liquorice. (yuck!) Your journey through the maze will culminate in an epic showdown to save kids everywhere from Krampus!

Scare with Us

We're always hunting for new monsters! We love working with new team members who are passionate about Halloween and providing a scary fun experience to our patrons! Whether you’ve worked at a haunted house before or are looking for an exciting new experience, we’d love to hear from you.

The portal to The 5th Realm has Reopened

This Fall, the Portal reopens, telling a new tale of the horrors behind opening the Portal between this Realm and the 5th Realm.

Dr. Quint, the madman behind Cedar Hills Sanatorium, has devoted his life to finding the secret to opening the portal to the 5th Realm. 5 patients: Brooks, Wendy, Clay, Celeste, and Flint. Each one representing one of the 5 Realms. He's convinced the Amber Shard Dagger, found in an old wagon lost to time, is a key to opening the portal to the 5th Realm.


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